Title: Venture Café Newsletter Coordinator 
Ideal Duration: 6-12 months; Flexible 
Pay: $12/hr  

About Venture Cafe St. Louis: 

Venture Café St Louis is a non-profit 501(c)3 organization with a mission to broaden the application of innovation, build a more diverse and inclusive innovation economy, and connect innovation communities locally, nationally, and internationally. Venture Café focuses on enhancing and accelerating the innovation process through spaces, programs, and conversations for people to expand knowledge and build relationships.

Role Description: 

The goal of this new Venture Cafe Newsletter role is to uncover and make available opportunities for St Louis founders. Several new opportunities become available nearly every week but it is difficult to find them. Not all opportunities exist on one website or newsletter. Instead, entrepreneurs have to hear them through word-of-mouth, or by subscribing to several newsletters. As one of the major gateways to the St Louis entrepreneur community, Venture Cafe St Louis wants to better surface and share these opportunities. What do these opportunities look like? There is a focus on funding and opportunities that will help founders get to their next milestone. This can include grants, accelerator applications, hackathons, etc. Your role will consist of:

  • Finding and aggregating all opportunities for St Louis entrepreneurs each week
  • Update the weekly blog post/newsletter with all current opportunities
  • Update our Startup Directory where opportunities can live and be searched/discovered online
  • Work with executive director and operations coordinator to discover which opportunities are most helpful to our community


  • Active in the startup community. You attend events, participate in hackathons, or other startup-related activities
  • Process-oriented i.e., enjoys creating workflows/processes for efficient operations
  • Willingness to learn new tools and skills  

Contact: Send resume and one paragraph on why you are a good fit to connect@vencafstl.org with the subject line “Newsletter”