Save Venture Café’s Innovation Community

Companies and individuals are stepping up to support Venture Cafe St. Louis so that we can continue helping our innovation community during this difficult time. We need your help. Read Executive Director, Tyler Mathew’s, public letter for support here.

How are companies stepping up? 1904labs is offering matching employee gifts, and a private foundation is matching all gifts up to $75,000. Consider giving today by making a sustaining gift. Anders CPAs + Adivsors created a campaign to encourage other companies to give.



Make a sustaining gift to help us weather this moment, and pivot our strategy to respond to these new economic conditions.

To show our appreciation, we’re recognizing donors on our website and newsletter which reaches more than 23,000 subscribers.

All gifts are being matched up to $75,000.


Sponsor our weekly programming and communications starting at $500.

  • Sponsor our newsletter (23K+ subscribers) with logo or product/service placement
  • Underwrite an entire week of our programming or one talk
  • Upgrade your session, which includes increased promotion and visibility
  • Feeling creative? Let’s collaborate on an online event together

Venture Café is a critical aspect of the entrepreneurial ecosystem in St. Louis. Our team members greatly value the weekly events and the opportunity it affords us to share ideas, relevant content, and support with other entrepreneurs. The region's start-up scene would be greatly disadvantaged without it, that's why we are standing with Venture Café during this unprecedented time

Sean WalshManaging Director and Co-Founder, 1904labs

Venture Café has provided an outlet to connect so many innovators and entrepreneurs in the St. Louis area to foster technology advances on a global scale. I support Venture Cafe because of these connections.

McConnel James Preston

Thanks for all the ways you supported my growth and learning as a SLU student. The Venture Café team and community has taught me so much!

Jason WilhiteSaint Louis University student

Have a word of encouragement or how your venture benefitted from the Venture Café community? Share it with us!









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