About EdHub Fellowship Program

The Education Innovation Fellowship at EdHub (EdHub Fellowship) supports transformative education initiatives that intersect technology, equity, and innovation through a six-month program that provides coaching and connections. We know that education entrepreneurs are faced with a unique set of challenges beyond those already present when starting a business. 

The EdHub Fellowship is designed for educators and entrepreneurs who are committed to creating equitable and innovative solutions to education delivery that address the varied needs of modern students. The Fellowship has six available slots for early-stage education-related programs, nonprofits, or startups that seek to solve our most entrenched educational challenges through innovative and technology-enabled solutions. 

Fellows will receive coaching from the EdHub Expert-in-Residence that will address critical topics including, how to successfully transition from educator to entrepreneur, when and if you need to change your idea, sales, business development, customer development, hiring best practices, how to create partnerships for beta tests, raising funds, leadership training, and scaling your operation.

Fellows will graduate from the program with effective, equitable, and sustainable strategies to prepare them for the market and/or accelerators/incubators or seed funding.


  • A prototype award of up to $3,000 to create the first version of your idea.
  • A research award of up to $250 to incentivize participation in the piloting of your idea.
  • Innovative learning opportunities that walk you through the process of identifying and defining problems students face, aligning your solution to these problems, collecting and using data to redesign your solution, working with developers to create your design, and pitching your solution to stakeholders.
  • An opportunity to connect with other change-makers in education who are interested in reimagining the way we teach and learn in St. Louis.


  • Focused on an idea that has the potential to reimagine teaching and learning in St. Louis for students furthest away from opportunity, in a significant way.
  • Looking to tackle a challenge that is both urgent in this moment and likely to endure beyond this time.
  • Currently working on their idea in some capacity.
  • Committed to crafting a solution that, if properly resourced, can ultimately impact at least 5% of students in the St. Louis ecosystem.
  • Able to collaborate with multidisciplinary teams and stakeholders.
  • Committed to rooting your idea in the voices of low-income students of color who are proximate to the challenges being addressed.
  • Can already be an US-based, independent nonprofit or for-profit, but not a requirement.
  • Technology-enabled solution.
  • Able to commit to the full six months of the program. 

EdHub is galvanizing educators across our region in a way that hasn’t been done before. We now have space to dream, to reimagine what education equity needs to look like in our systems. We need this, now more than ever and I am grateful for the work being done.

Dr. Grace Lee, principal of Brittany Woods Middle School in University City