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Welcome to the Venture Café St Louis weekly update covering opportunities to discover, start, and grow your ideas. Do you want to get your company in front of 20,000 subscribers? Sponsor our newsletter!

This week:

  • Learn how to raise money
  • Start a social venture startup
  • Discover new funding opportunities
  • We added a meet founder section at the end of this newsletter (reply to this email to be featured)

Last week:

  • We redesigned our newsletter (hit reply to let us know what you think)
  • Made more than a dozen connections for founders
  • Boddle Learning presented on increasing student engagement.

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Community Opportunities

Let us know if we can help you with feedback or introductions through Connect. We can help you privately or feature your request in this newsletter that reaches 20,000 people.

New Opportunities:

  • Allison Cousins, founder of Approach, is looking for funding. Approach is a dating app that helps you “Find your person, in-person”. Connect.
  • Did you know Sam Parr, founder of The Hustle, which sold to HubSpot, is a St Louisan? Neither did we. Sam shouted out Imo’s and South City. Connect with Sam.
  • Eli is a high-school founder who is building a mental health app for students. He needs beta testers and connections to mental health professionals. Reach out.
  • The Strange Loop call for technology presentations closes tomorrow, May 5th! More information.
  • Danny built mytodue.com, a to-do list with superpowers. Tell him what you think.
  • Venture Cafe needs an IP expert to help founders navigate IP in academia. Connect.
  • We’re looking for founders, makers, and creators to share during Work In Progress. Let us know if you’re interested.

Open Opportunities

  • Terry needs resources and support for creating and developing an exploratory computer lab for children grades 3-5. Connect.
  • Building a sports startup? Stadia’s portfolio companies might be able to help you. Connect.
  • Need marketing and growth help for your startup? Reach out to Jamie FalquezConnect.
  • Sarah Hill, Founder of Healium is looking for support in the app store. Download the app and leave a review.
  • Micheal Naber, Co-founder of Simerse, is looking for help with SEO. Simerse enhances AI models with synthetic data. Connect.
  • SoHeart is supporting people recovering from addiction through connection. They are looking for a CTO. Connect.
  • Strange Loop is accepting proposals for talks and workshops through May 5th. Apply here.
  • EDUrain is looking for a CTO. Connect.
  • Cheryl Hammond has built a pre-launch site dedicated to discovering and creating self-guided tours. Cheryl is currently looking for professional and amateur tour guides to upload tours. (1 connection made.) Connect.
  • Rare Pizzas St Louis is looking for crypto and NFT enthusiasts to join the St Louis version of the global NFT pizza party. (3 connections made.) Connect. 

Looking for more? Check our startup directory.

Funding Opportunities

Do you need money for your idea? We can connect you with investors and funding opportunities. Do you have an opportunity to share? Send us your information and we will add your opportunity below.

  • 💰   Capital Innovators Fall Accelerator Applications are open until May 14th.$50K in seed funding, co-working space, and mentorship available. Learn more.
  • 💰   FedTech applications are openingApply now
  • 💰   New Schools Venture Fund is investing up to $1.5 million in innovators advancing racial equity in education.  Learn more.
  • The American Farm Bureau will award $165,000 to startups at their upcoming innovation competitionApply
  • 💰   New Geo-Seed Grant Program from T-REX. Up to $20K to support geospatial R&D. Applications due May 15th. Apply here.
  • 💰   USDA offers $1 million in grants through one-to-one dollar matches for new market opportunities in U.S. food and agricultural products and encourages research and innovation aimed at improving the efficiency and performance of the marketing system. Applications are due May 24th. Learn more and apply.
  • 💰 Visible Hands applications are open for underrepresented founders for $200K. Learn More
  • 💰  $5-10K grants available to Black women founders. Learn more


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In Other News

  • STL Startup Week needs volunteers. Learn more.
  • St Louis firm Herefish sold to Boston cloud computing provider Bullhorn. Read more.
  • St Louis Startups raised more than $50 million in Q1. Read More

Meet Founders from Work In Progress

Danny Mullan is building MyToDue.com a to-do list with superpowers.

Status: Currently bootstrapped and in public beta.


What’s one thing you wish you would’ve known before becoming an entrepreneur
Telling your friends and family that you want to start your own business/startup. Asking their opinion is like telling them you want to start a band or make it as a pro athlete. Most will awkwardly give you a thumbs up but when you’re not paying attention they secretly think you should get a day job. This is also why they are not the best people to give you feedback or be a beta tester. I needed my spouse’s approval, not her vision. If you want real feedback share it with strangers or like-minded entrepreneurs at events like Work In Progress. I wasted many months guilting my friends and family into using Todue and it produced very little value but lots of awkward dinners.

Anything the Venture Café community can help you with right now?
Spy on Asana or Monday.com and report back to me features you like. I love those platforms and stealing ideas is not beneath me.


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