SafeBeat Rx Wins Pitch Nite 026

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SafeBeat Rx, the company that is developing novel technology to expand access to important heart medications, is the winner of Venture Café St Louis’ monthly Pitch Nite competition. The competition was created to give early-stage companies the opportunity to practice pitching in front of an audience and get access to feedback from angels and experts in the startup community.

We spoke with Rachita Navara, MD, founder of SafeBeat Rx, who not only took home $500 from Pitch Nite but over the weekend shared that her startup is a Skandalaris Venture Competition winner. Thanks to Spectrum Reach for sponsoring Pitch Nite 026!

What is SafeBeat Rx?
SafeBeat Rx is applying novel technology to expand access to important heart medications.

How old is the company?
SafeBeat Rx was incorporated in 2020

What inspired you to start SafeBeat Rx?
I am a cardiologist and bioengineer with specific background in research, entrepreneurship, and biomedical innovation. I am always wearing my user-oriented design goggles in clinical settings, and I identified the need for patients to have improved access to important (potentially life-saving) heart medications. I predicted that for the first time, the current era of modern devices could democratize access to these medications in any setting. I co-founded SafeBeat Rx with the support of a strong multidisciplinary team including expert heart rhythm physicians, data scientists with a “big data” background in telehealth, software engineers trained in artificial intelligence, clinical trial specialists, and regulatory/reimbursement experts. I am highly invested in making this technology a reality for our patients, as my passion is to apply engineering principles to transform arrhythmia management.

What is the next milestone in your company’s growth?
The next milestone is Phase I validation of our novel machine learning technology.

What’s an impressive stat or interesting fact you can share?
Impressive stat: We were just named a winner in Skandalaris Venture Competition! Interesting fact: before [our team met], two co-founders were lead singers in their respective medical school bands: The Pacemakers and The Medical Bandages.

Learn more about SafeBeat Rx and follow @DrRachitaEP

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