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Congrats to our Pitch Nite Winner + New Opportunities

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Hi everyone— before we jump into opportunities to connect and learn, we want to remind you that the EdHub Fellowship is now open for entrepreneurs and educators creating innovative and equitable solutions in education. The 6-month Fellowship includes mentorship, seed funding up to $3,000, and more. Learn more and apply here >

Congrats to our Pitch Nite Winner!

Last Thursday we begin hosting Pitch Nite again. We heard from great early-stage startups like Kanopi and Sports Dojo, but it was Mighty Cricket that exited the Zoom call with $500 (thanks Spectrum Reach!). Sarah has been part of the Venture Café community even before Mighty Cricket came about and we’re excited to see her grit and growth over the years.

The next Pitch Nite is Thursday, April 15th and the prize is $500. If you believe your startup is ready to pitch to angels and mentors, please email us at connect@vencafstl.org with your company name, elevator pitch, and a link to your product/service, and deck if applicable. We’ve already accepted one great product and will take up to 5 more presenters.

Startup Opportunities

First off, thanks to everyone who reached out to help our Work In Progress 008 presenters! Several reached out to beta test and signed up by email to get notified when new products will launch. Here are some current opportunities and connections:

  • 🍺 Wellbeing Brewing, the craft non-alcoholic brewery, is looking for someone who is capable of infusing liquids with ingredients and is on the hunt for a local e-commerce agency with an emphasis on analytics. If that’s you or someone you know, please connect with us.
  • 🍞 AB Mauri North America, the world’s largest yeast and bakery ingredient company based here in St. Louis, is looking for a creative mind to help them with their next trade show. In the past, they’ve worked with VR and artists. Have a great idea? Let us know!
  • 🚀 BioSTL is launching VOICES an affinity group for minoritized founders. Check the Support Org. tab on our Startup Directory to learn more.

Opportunities from Work In Progress 008 & Pitch Nite:

  • Sports Dojo is looking for beta testers. Connect.
  • Kanopi is looking for beta testers. Connect.
  • Max is the founder of Closr, a prayer app, and is looking for beta testers.
  • Brian is launching a newsletter on investing with a specific focus on crowdfunding and the impact of Regulation 506(b) on investing. You can subscribe here and share what investment topics interest you.
  • Ty is looking for a manufacturer to make his fidget cube in metal and wood but doesn’t want to use Shapeways. He’d like to find someone in St Louis. Connect with Ty.

All these startups and opportunities can also be found in our Startup Directory. If you have an opportunity just send us a note and we’ll include it in our update.

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Regarding trends in the beverage market, “The lower/zero-alcohol and seltzer market has gone crazy during COVID. It has the same benefits of being social — it makes you feel good and has a unique flavor — with less of the calories…more and more you will see that ‘spice of life,’ variety will drive products in the market.”

Rick Oleshak, Vice President of Marketing, AB Mauri North America from Cortex & CIC’s Global Trends, Local Faces conversation


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