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Time to focus

Weekly Update

Many entrepreneurs “don’t give [their startup] enough time to nurture one idea…before they branch out to try new things. They want to think about the next thing because [the first idea] didn’t become an overnight success.”

This comment on focus from Akeem Shannon the founder of Flipstik came to mind this week after speaking with a handful of entrepreneurs that were attempting to solve several problems at once. Yes, pivots and experimentation are part of the game but the idea is to identify the main problem to be solved, and then have a sharp focus on solving for it.

What are your best tips for staying focused?

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Powerful Women in Cyber

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Dan Schaefer

Work on your clarity and how articulate you are about the business. Write out your application without character limits and cut down – this forces you to articulate what matters and gets your business into concise language that someone out of your world can understand

Dan Schaefer, Founder of Native Pet, from the Arch Grant Learning Lab series.


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