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Weekly Update — How are you?

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Entrepreneurship is hard work. Layer on the craziest several months in recent history and things can start to feel overwhelming. There were plenty of times when I had questions on what to do next and I didn’t feel like there was anyone I could turn to. I didn’t want to ask the same people more questions. Everyone has been overwhelmed. This is why it’s good to build a strong community and have friends who aren’t afraid to give you real feedback. And, sometimes just an answer back is enough.

Real friends and mentors will tell you if you are overthinking or focusing on the wrong things. We are that sounding board. If you’re stuck and need feedback, you can reach out to us through Connect. You can email us or Connect with us here. Or, simply reply to this email and we will Connect with you.

New Stuff!

  • 🗓 You can now view previously attended and upcoming events on your Venture Café profile on your My Events page (check the video below).

  • 🏗 Introducing WIP Nite! We heard from many of you that you aren’t ready to give a pitch, but you still want to share what you’re working on for feedback. I’ll introduce Work-in-Progress this Thursday, during Pitch Nite. In short, if you’re building something, we want to hear about it and connect you to people, feedback, or whatever you need. Join us this Thursday at 5PM CT.

Upcoming Talks

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