Looking for Connectors

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Be a Connector

In a post-Covid world, we need to strengthen online networks so people can find the resources they need to launch new technology initiatives, non-profits, and companies. We’re seeing an incredible number of new entrepreneurs trying to create additional income, Plan B’s, or make the leap to more promising opportunities. We’re asking our generous community to offer their network and expertise. If you are passionate about entrepreneurship and active in the startup community to be a Connector!

What Connectors do:

  • Connectors will review incoming requests and make connections or point entrepreneurs to existing resources. Real examples: a biotech startup was connected to a lawyer with biotech experience, a new entrepreneur was given feedback on how to launch a website without spending thousands of dollars on a custom site when off-the-shelf tools will do.
  • Connectors will be assigned requests as they come in and should do their best to provide timely responses. If you are unable to respond you can reassign to another Connector.
  • We’ll continue to check in with Connectors to make sure the work is not too much or not too little, and continues to be satisfying for the Connector and impactful to the entrepreneur.
  • This program is in beta and we appreciate your feedback to make it easy and effective for you to participate.

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