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Applications Open for Pitch Nite #20

By October 26, 2020 No Comments

Pitch Nite is open to anyone with an idea, product, or company at any stage. Get feedback on your idea, make an ask for people to join the team, signup to beta test, or find funding, etc. Applications are open until Friday, November 13th.

How does it work?
– Signup to pitch your idea or company here:
– We will review pitches to make sure they don’t go against our credo (no sales pitches, etc) and then randomly select 7 pitches
– Each pitch is limited to 2 minutes (more on how to create pitch below)
– If you’re an attendee write down your feedback and comments because we will go through all 7 pitches back-to-back then open to the community.

How to make a great pitch:
– Start with a brief elevator pitch
– What problem are you solving?
– What is the market need for your idea or business?
– What is your traction (anyone using your idea, it’s ok if not)
– Why your idea and why now?
– Why you and/or your team is/are qualified?