Equity in Innovation Recap

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Thank you for joining Equity in Innovation, our multi-event collaboration with Accenture Ventures. The goal was to create tangible examples of what can be taken from organizations that have seen results from their own initiatives. Accenture Ventures also made time for founders to connect with experts to help them learn how to land contracts with enterprise and connect in our networking space.

We need the under-represented people to get into the workforce and to stay. It can be difficult and you may want to leave — but we need you to stay.

Malia Jones, Less Annoying CRM

We had a lot of fun and wanted to share some highlights and takeaways:

  • Four, one-on-one office hours with Accenture Ventures experts helping underrepresented founders learn how to land multi-million dollar contracts with enterprise
  • Responsible Open Innovation roundtable in our online networking space
  • A rockstar panel including:
    • Dujon Smith, Partner at Accenture Ventures / Open Innovation
    • Tamara Steffens, General Manager and Managing Director at M12 – Microsoft’s Venture Fund
    • James Page, VP Global Diversity Officer, General Assembly
    • Malia Jones, Coding Fellowship and DEI at Less Annoying CRM
    • Moderator: Atuanya Thomas, Director of Analytics Product Strategy, Koch Industries

Throw the net wide…Microsoft began recruiting from any university and it’s been a change for the better.

Tamara Steffens, M12

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